Key Matchups: Clippers vs. Cavaliers


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Tonight’s game between the Cavaliers and the Clippers is an important one for both teams. The Cavs are looking to extend their 11 game winning streak, and climb up the Eastern Conference standings. Meanwhile, the Clippers are looking to rebound from a 102-100 loss to the Nets on Monday. Here are some key match ups to watch for.

The Main Event

Kevin Love vs. Blake Griffin. Although I expect that Griffin will defend LeBron James for a good amount of time, this is the match-up the Cavs need to win in order to get a victory tonight. Kevin Love has struggled a ton in the Cavs’ last ten games. While the Cavs have started to rise up to their potential, Love has not.  He has shot a dismal 37.2 percent from the field, and 29.4 percent from 3-point range, while only scraping up 13.6 points per game. Countering him, Griffin has shot 55 percent in his last ten games, and has managed 22.7 points per game. If Love is able to stifle Griffin and win the battle, it would give the Cavs a much better chance to win.

Other Battles to Watch

Kyrie Irving vs. Chris Paul. Ah, yes. Remember two years ago in the All-Star Game when CP3 went after Kyrie? I haven’t forgotten about it, and I’m sure Kyrie hasn’t either. Irving has been on a roll the last few weeks, putting up 26.1 PPG in his last ten games, including 38 against the Pistons, and 55 against the Trail Blazers. Chris Paul will guard him almost all night long. Paul, known more for his assisting, has 16.5 PPG and 9.4 APG in his last ten games. Defense will be key for Irving, as he will try to limit Paul’s impact on points and assists throughout the night.

Timofey Mozgov vs. DeAndre Jordan. It seems like each week DeAndre Jordan is putting some highlight dunk up on the internet. Last time, it was the other way around, as our good buddy Jarrett Jack hit the game winner over Jordan on Monday. Timofey Mozgov will be Jordan’s counterpart tonight, and look for a big battle on the boards, as Mozgov attempts to shutdown the NBA’s leading rebounder, DeAndre Jordan.

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