Take a look at the Eastern Conference Standings. The Cleveland Cavaliers are in 4th with a 38-23 record and are five games behind the first-place Boston Celtics at 42-17.

Of course, the big news is that the Cavs have bought out power forward Kevin Love. This after he requested it because of the fact that he was out of the rotation and sitting on the bench during games.

Here’s the problem.

Kevin Love is now officially going to sign with the Miami Heat. Currently, the Heat are in 7th place in the Eastern Conference at 32-27. Thus, they are in a good spot to make the playoffs.

The Cavaliers essentially gave a competitor a really solid player for free. The Heat didn’t provide the Cavs with anyone in exchange and that is obviously how trades work.

This was a buyout…

Come playoff time, there is a possibility the Cavs could face Kevin Love and the Heat in a series. Love could end up being a player that hurts the very team he’s been on all these years.

Now, I’m going to sound stone-cold with this idea, but here’s a “what if” theory…

What if after hearing Kevin Love’s request, the Cavs front office basically said, “no.” That Love is going to sit on the bench because he signed a contract with the Cavs and that will be that moving forward until he is needed in the rotation due to an injury or a player currently playing starting to stink.

After the season? Once your contract is up. Sure, go sign wherever you want and that’s your decision, your life and whatnot.

Love is still a good player despite being out of the Cavs rotation and he could thrive on the Heat… A Heat team that could play the Cavs in the playoffs.

Here’s something that would be just “So Cleveland.”

The Cavs play the Heat in the playoffs and Love thrives against the Wine and Gold and the Heat end up beating the Cavs and advancing to the next round.

The alternatives obviously being the Cavs handle Love and Heat, don’t play the Heat or Love struggles in the series.


With all of this being said, I wrote an article thanking Love for everything here in Cleveland. CLICK THIS LINK TO READ IT.

I understand why Love wouldn’t want to be stuck on the bench for the rest of the season. Why he requested the buyout and why this all occurred.

This isn’t to blame him for his request. It’s to essentially blame to Cavs for adhering to it.

This could come back to bite the Cavs in the behind (pardon the pun). We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out come playoff time.


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