Kevin Love potentially joining the Cavaliers would definitely make the Cavs one of the most interesting teams in the NBA.
Kevin Love potentially joining the Cavaliers would definitely make the Cavs one of the most interesting teams in the NBA.


We all read that headline and immediately everyone jumped up out of their seat.  What a get that would be.  Kevin Love in the Wine and Gold would definitely put some spark back in the Cavaliers.  In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend”.  However, Kevin Love did make some interesting comments concerning the Cavaliers.  Love was in Los Angeles promoting the new Call of Duty game and he agreed to answer five and only five questions from a blog by USA Today called “The Big Lead”.  The fifth and final question was:

I saw this actual sentence on ESPN over the weekend: “Cleveland has interest in Love, but the feeling isn’t mutual.” Did you see that and what do you make of reporting like that? How difficult is it not to pick up the phone and call your agent, or pick up your phone and tweet that it’s BS?”

The response that Kevin Love gave makes optimistic Cavalier fans (like myself) happy.  His response:

 “I try not to read it. A lot of it is brought to my attention through outside sources, sometimes twitter. But like most people, I need to be conscious of my image and try to roll with the punches. I know that’s a generic answer. I don’t think the Cleveland [trade rumors] are outlandish at all. They have a great young foundation.”


Though he doesn’t elaborate much on the Cavaliers situation, those last two sentences make it seem at least possible that Kevin Love would maybe want to come to Cleveland.  Kevin Love starred alongside Kyrie Irving in one of Irving’s “Uncle Drew” commercials.  Maybe he would want to star alongside Irving on the court as well.  A trade for Love could cripple the Cavaliers though.  The Cavs would have to give up the first pick and then Dion Waiters and/or Tristan Thompson.  That is a lot to give up for someone who is only signed through next season.  However, if Love does indeed come to the shores of Lake Erie, the potential of the Cavaliers might make Kevin Love want to sign an extension with the Cavaliers.  You could have a fearsome duo of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Potentially a trio if a certain individual decides to return this summer (yes, I am talking about Lebron James).  Love though has made it clear that he will not talk extension until his current deal expires.  Is giving up the shot at a Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins worth a one year rental for Kevin Love? I think not.  Cavs GM David Griffin better be more than certain Love would sign an extension in Cleveland before giving up the #1 pick for a one year rental.  However Cleveland might be appealing to Love because of being able to play with a different style of Point Guard.  Ricky Rubio is a true point guard and Love is the main focus of the offense where he still put up 26.1 PPG last season.  If teams had to worry about Kyrie Irving who is a true scoring threat, Love would be opened up even more.  I need to stop talking about the possibilities before my hopes and dreams become shattered if this doesn’t happen.

I am sure that Lebron would be giving a wink to David Griffin and Dan Gilbert if they pulled in Kevin Love.  Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Lebron James.  I cannot think of a better trio in basketball.  The Cavs immediately would go from the cellar to the favorite in the East.  Depending on how they form a team around that potential trio, possibly the best team in the NBA.  Worst to First.  Something to be excited for in Cleveland.


Ian Tumey


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