February 27, 2024

Everyone loves their grandmother(s). If you don’t, well that’s kind of messed up. I have two loving grandmothers that have been there for me my entire life in Grandma Annette and Bubbe Marilyn.

More love coming my way is these Cavaliers that are so talented and have an incredible record of 8-1 to start this season off. They just destroyed our former buddy LeBron James and the Lakers by a score of 114-100 in Los Angeles.

Donovan SPIDA Mitchell had 33 on 10-17 shooting, Darius Garland had 24 on 7-18 from the floor and Jarrett Allen went for 16 on 5-13 from the floor. Overall, it was an excellent team performance with many more contributions.

Now, there was a man I didn’t mention.

A “young man” my grandmas would say but for NBA standards uhh power forward Kevin Love is old. At 34 and in his 9th season with the Cavs and in his 15th regular season in the league (six before with Timberwolves), the man has been around for a long time.

Wait, I forgot to mention that my grandmas would agree Mr. Love is “very handsome.”

***Not as handsome as me in their opinion, of course, but close…

The most interesting part of Kevin Love with the Cavs is that he comes off the bench. Keep in mind this was the same Kevin Love that has averaged up to 26 points a night as a starter in years past. He was a certified baller.

Love has made the sacrifice to come off the bench in order to benefit the team and it is clearly working just look at the record thus far!

The 5th pick in the 2008 draft by Minnesota has had many years of experience and he gives that wisdom to his fellow counterparts on the Cavs roster. This helps the team as a whole in addition to the coaching staff, which has done a phenomenal job, too.

Moreover, when Love does come off the bench, he isn’t a bad player. He actually does a solid job and that is important. It’s not like the Cavs are just playing him out of pity these days. Love averages 12.1 points on 45.1% shooting, 7.7 rebounds and 2.1 assists. Keep in mind this is only on 19.9 minutes a night with said bench gig.

The players on the squad appear to gravitate toward him and everything clicks. The Cavs are beating every opponent and look to continue their success against the Clippers, Kings and Warriors (3-1) on this west coast trip.

My only concern with Love is the fact that he is aging and even though he plays less, will he be able to maintain the solid play throughout the entire season and into what will likely be a deep postseason run?

Only time will tell. I think he can handle it, though!

Grandma, Bubbe, I know you’re reading this to support your favorite grandson, of course. Oh, wait. Matthew isn’t writing the article…

Grandma Kevin – keep up the good work and let’s go Cavs!

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