March 4, 2024

Kevin Durant Ruined The NBA; Warriors in Lose-Lose Situation


When I found out that Kevin Durant planned to join forces with the already-best regular season team of all time, I felt sick to my stomach. The Cavs, against all odds, came back and defeated the Warriors last year and that took a lot going our way. It is going to take that much more for them to beat these new Warriors.

Now, look. LeBron James is guilty of being the first player to create his own super team. In reality, there have always been super teams, it’s just they were formed by great general managers and not the players themselves.

But what KD did is different.

Even before Game 1, I felt like the Warriors had nothing to gain from these finals or their existence in the NBA. If they win, everyone expected them to do it and they’ll just say it’s cause the second best player in the league joined forces with the best team. If the Cavs find a way to stop the Warriors and win, the tune will be how did the Warriors not win?

Like LeBron did in 2010, Durant took the easy way out. King James has made up for his sin of leaving in the first place by bringing a title to Cleveland for the first time in 52 years. But it’s not like LeBron joined that Boston Celtics team that kept beating him. He made a different team to take them down, an offense but a lesser one at that. Remember, Durant had just blown a 3-1 lead to the Warriors in last year’s Western Conference Finals.

What went through Kevin Durant’s mind when he decided to shift the balance of the entire NBA by taking his talents to Golden State, no one will know. He’s been trashed by fans since the decision was made and even if they win this year and next year, even the year after that, everyone is just going to say…

No shit you’re going to win every year.

What basketball fans wanted was for Durant to either move to the East and challenge LeBron in the conference finals or stay on OKC and give the Warriors a good fight once again. Really, this could be the third of five maybe even six straight finals between these two teams. The Warriors may never lose!

Sure, regardless of Durant’s decision it probably would’ve been a rematch anyway. However, it’d be the two teams that went toe-to-toe for seven games (with some minor additions/subtractions) that were battling it out in these finals.

Whenever an announcer or analysts talks about how great Kevin Durant is, I roll my eyes. Just like LeBron, he took the easy way out. If the Warriors continue to play like this congratulations on winning your first championship, KD. But when you take a step back and look at it, what does it really mean? Legacy-wise, does anyone even discuss you after this tragic move?

KD, you shouldn’t have joined the Warriors. You destroyed the balance of the NBA even more and took the idea of a super team to an entirely new level.

What would be great is if the Cavs could find a way to take you and the rest of the Warriors down, becoming back to back champs and really sticking it to a player that broke the system and did the unthinkable.


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