February 25, 2024

Kevin Durant Has High Praise for Cavs’ Young Players


Tonight, the Warriors return to Cleveland for the first time since they finished off the sweep of the Cavs’ in last season’s NBA Finals. Since then a ton has changed. Of course, LeBron is no longer in Cleveland and a fifth-straight Finals rematch is beginning to look unlikely. Despite all of that there’s still much to be talked about before the game given the history of these two teams and none other than Kevin Durant had a lot of praise for two of the Cavs young stars.

Now look, I get it Durant is probably the last person’s opinion anyone in Cleveland wants to hear, but regardless of that, a player of that caliber knows what they’re talking about when discussing younger players finding their role in the league. Before tonight’s game, Durant spoke very highly of both Cedi Osman and rookie Collin Sexton. The two have been some of the very scarce bright spots for the Cavs this season and its caught the attention of Durant.

What Durant had to say about Cedi should come as no surprise as Osman was very close with LeBron and did a ton of training with him while they were teammates. A player’s work ethic is something most around the league hold in a very high regard, so Cavs fans should feel very happy knowing they have a guy as determined as Osman on the roster. Durant didn’t stop at Osman, he had even more praise for Cavs’ rookie Sexton.

“I saw him play Houston – he was going at Harden. He was trying to go at Kyrie. He was trying to go at every player,” Durant said. “You could tell he’s circling the big point guards and the big matchups on his calendar and he wants to show everybody who he is. So we’ll see who he is tonight. I’m looking forward to it, but he has a bright future.”

Sexton, 19, has had his ups and downs so far this season but one thing that’s always been there has been his confidence. While confidence doesn’t seem like that important of a quality it’s certainly a necessity for a successful future.  The energy and fire that Sexton brings is a very promising thing to see towards his future and his continues to work on his craft. With players like Durant already taking notice expect Sexton to continue to get better and better.

While this Cavs/Warriors matchup doesn’t have anywhere near the appeal it did just a few months ago, there’s still a lot of history with these two teams and expect it to get chippy at times. However, regardless of the outcome, the main focus of fans should be on the performance of the younger players, especially Sexton and Osman as they look to begin a new era in Cleveland basketball.

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