Kev and Ky Will Bounce Back…They Need To

Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were BAD in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Love scored 3 points on 1/9 shooting, while only grabbing 4 rebounds. Irving wasn’t much better, scoring 13 points on 3/19 shooting, and dishing out just 1 assists.

Many believe the Cavs will win this series, but if both Kev and Ky play poorly, even the Raptors will walk all over them, as evident by a Game 3 15 point loss in Toronto. Luckily, it is hard to imagine both All-Stars struggling mightily for the rest of the series.

Uncle Drew has been one of the top scorers during the postseason, scoring efficiently from both inside and outside the arc. Kevin Love has been a sniper from 24 feet, and a rebounding machine on the glass. The thought of both disappearing from here on out seems preposterous.

One may struggle here or there, but neither will continue to struggle for the remainder of this series, as evident by their performance to this point.

And let’s not forget LeBron James. The guy has been remarkable this postseason. If just one of the two other stars plays well, the likelihood of the Cavs beating Toronto is significant. Two of the Big 3 performing well, equals the Cavs winning the series.

But I wouldn’t worry about James, Love or Irving struggling from here on out. All three have been exceptional, especially Irving and James. Irving isn’t going to forget how to score, while LeBron won’t forget how to be LeBron. A combination of Uncle Drew and The King is enough to take out the Toronto Raptors. But don’t forget about Kev, the guy is going to rebound and start to shoot well again, at least from outside.

Game 3 was an abnormal performance for Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Neither had played that poorly since the playoffs began. If you look ahead to Game 4, I would bet that each of these two guys returns to form.

My prediction: Look for the Big 3 to dominate in Game 4.

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