K Love Coming Home Would Work For These Reasons


Well, we all can agree that Kevin Love in not the same player that he was in the past. There was a year in 2011-12 when he averaged 26 points a game for Minnesota. Love has been a steady scorer and rebounder for most of his career including his time in Cleveland (nine years ’14-’23) He was a part of the championship team in ’16.

The last two years were spent in Miami with the Heat and last season he averaged a mere 8.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.2 assists. Nothing compared to his past numbers way back in the day with the T-Wolves or here in Cleveland.

The recent news in the Love declined his four million dollar player option thus making him a free agent.

Now, signing Love to a contract isn’t going to jolt this Cleveland team with a new coach to the NBA Finals or anything like that frankly. It’s that his presence as a veteran who has had been great for many years would help players such as continuously developing Evan Mobley or the newly-draft Jaylon Tyson.

Love is 6’8, and 251 pounds but the number that matters most is he is 35 years old and not 25, unfortunately.

If the Cavs did choose to sign Love it would have to be to a multi-year deal and more than the four million that was declined. The conundrum would be if Love was capable of hanging around the league for multiple years more to close his historic career.

Overall, I think it’s a great idea and could certainly help the team develop and reach greater lengths than before. Plus, it would simply be nice to have a player from those amazing years back when the Cavs won it all and went to the finals every season.

Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to contribute a bit when his name is called upon. After all, he can still shoot and rebound. Maybe not at the same level as before, but in some capacity.

It is reported that Love has said he is enjoying his time in Miami. So we will see if he works out a contract with them…

Lastly, a steaming hot take would be that if Love were to sign in Cleveland, it could be another factor that brings his fellow star LeBron James back home to play with his buddy and close his career with the Wine and Gold.

Let’s bring Kyrie home too…just kidding.

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