LeBron turned the big 30 on Tuesday. LeBron has learned how to get his point across during his career. That is exactly what he’s doing right now in Cleveland.

The Plain Dealers’ Chris Hanes reported that LeBron hasn’t ruled out the possibility of opting out and leaving if it’s the “appropriate business decision.” We have to keep in mind that this is Hanes first year of covering the Cavs, but he has proven to be a reputable reporter. LeBron knows how the media works. If he wants something to be reported, it gets reported. He’ll find a way to get it out.

I just want to make it clear that LeBron isn’t going to leave Cleveland. There is no business decision that would make sense for him to leave. His legacy wouldn’t be able to take another Decision. He’s doing this so he’ll have all the power in the organization. He wants them to know that he isn’t going to just wait around, he wants to win now (even though he told everybody in his letter to be patient because it was going to be a process). LeBron is trying to get the Cavs attention and let them know he’s not going to accept mediocrity. He wants a move to be made. Many have speculated that there’s a problem with LeBron and Coach Blatt. The truth is we don’t know what the problem, we just know LeBron wants something to change.

LeBron needs to shoot down these rumors as soon as he can. If he doesn’t, you know something is up. His message is already out there and you better believe Griffin and the rest of the front office have heard it. LeBron knows he has the power. A good team leader would come out and say that there isn’t a problem. We’ll find out what direction LeBron wants this team to go. This is when a leader unites the team and the locker room together, not divides them apart.

That being said happy belated birthday LeBron. Long live the King…in Cleveland.


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