Regardless what happens this week in terms of the postseason scenario, the Indians have all but guaranteed an above .500 year, and back to back years of being .500 or above. The 1st such period since the the 2000 and 2001 seasons.

Are there things to be disappointed about this season? Absolutely. There were high expectations for a club coming off a 92-70 season, despite the Wild Card Loss.

The defense ranks last in the MLB, and has been horrendous. (However, it has been much better in the 2nd half, especially since Jose Ramirez took over at SS.)

The rotation in the first half was an absolute mess, with the only real bright spot being Corey Kluber. Justin Masterson was awful, and coming off a season where he was largely deemed our “ace” and one of the best pitchers in baseball, he truly disappointed. Both Zach McAllister and Danny Salazar failed to impress early, and Carrasco was terrible at the season’s beginning.

Our “stars” in Kipnis, Swisher, and Bourn got off to slow starts and continuous injuries constantly held them back. (Swisher has since been shut down, and Kipnis is day-to-day).


This seems like the makings of an awful season: am I right?

Yet, some how, the Indians managed to finish 47-47 at the half and are making a push for the Wildcard and Postseason once again.

How did this happen?

Frankly, I’ve asked myself this numerous times. The Indians should be 15 games under .500, yet instead are 7 games over .500 with a chance at a serious run at the 2nd Wild Card.

The Indians found their rotation, and, each and every outing, the rotation of Kluber-Bauer-Salazar-Carrasco-House is dazzling to watch. Not only have they been fun to watch, but it just truly shows how brilliant this Indians team’s future is. The oldest pitcher in that staff?

Corey Kluber, 28 years old, is the most dominant pitcher on this staff. He arguably is one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball.

The youngest?

Trevor Bauer, 23 years old.

The staff has been amazing in the 2nd half, and that just shows how brilliant our future is.

It may not seem this way, with the dissapointments that this season has brought.

This team has a core of unbelievable talent.

Including the rotation, the rest of this team has a bright future all the same.

From Michael Brantley to Yan Gomes, the core of this team can be unbelievable. While there are certain parts of the lineup as a whole that must be tweaked (The DH and RF mostly), the collective whole of the team is both young and have amazingly not even grazed their true potential yet. The recent great play by Jose Ramirez has all-but completely cemented him a spot on next year’s roster (likely as a prime bench candidate). Not to mention, our top prospect and SS, Francisco Lindor is expected to take the full SS duties next season.

There is a mix of both youth and veterans on this team, but the only true thing this team needs to address is a bat. The offense has been stagnant as of late, and that’s because the lineup has no one true power bat to ease off other bats in Brantley, Santana, Gomes, and yes, even Kipnis.

This team is primed for success, and regardless of how the year finishes out. The Indians had a successful year in the eyes of baseball. Did they make the postseason? That’s yet to be known. Only 15 teams will likely finish with an above .500 record. Only around 10 of those can say they played meaningful September baseball. The Indians are one of those 10.

Whether you as a Cleveland fan choose to believe it or not, the future is beyond bright. Soon, we will have a World Series contender again in Cleveland.

I choose to believe we will have a World Series champion soon in this city.

Believe it or not, this team is on the rise.

Roll Tribe.

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