Ok, it’s just a stupid logo, right? It has absolutely nothing to do with how well the players perform on the field. It doesn’t give the Browns more or less of a chance to win games, make the playoffs or even compete for a Super Bowl. It’s nothing more than a design to represent the team. Right?

Even so, at this point, after a barbarically awful end to a season that was at one time filled with hope. A nice, new logo would have started off the new year of 2015 fresh. See, it’s the little things in life, that prize in the cereal box, that make life special.

Leave it to the Browns to ruin our special moment. These guys can’t do anything right.

This logo is just the newest example of what a colossal failure and a complete joke this organization has become.

So no one was jiving at the old logos. They were fine. It’s not like people were complaining about a logo when we have a team that can’t put together a entire year of good football. Regardless, when news broke that the team was going to change the primary logo it was definitely something to get excited about, even just a little.

So the geniuses that run the Browns decided that making us wait about a week to find out what this new logo was going to be was a great idea. And it would’ve been had the logo actually exceeded our expectations.

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning we all refreshed our Twitter feeds hoping to catch that first glorious glimpse at the logo representing the turning of a page for the Cleveland Browns organization.

And there we all saw a brighter orange Cleveland Browns helmet with a brown face mask, and a dog that looked like he should be placed on a Scooby-Doo snack.

It looks practically the same….

There is absolutely no crime in tuning up a logo. But to make the fan base wait a week to see this advertised change is quite the crime. We’re used to disappointment, and this is just another one, albeit a unique one, that the Browns can add to their long list of utter failures.

The Browns built something up to be great, and it ended up being nothing special. Sounds like this team since this they were reinstated back in ’99. False promises, lack of understanding, pain.

Whatever, though. It’s just a stupid logo.

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