JR Smith Charged With Criminal Mischief

OK everyone, before you freak out, the charge is really not that big of deal.

According to TMZ, JR Smith has been charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief and issued a desk appearance ticket to appear at a later court date. This all stems from an incident that happened in New York back in July. JR Smith allegedly stole a cell phone from someone outside a club in New York and threw it into a nearby construction zone, causing damage to the phone.

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TMZ spoke with JR Smith’s attorney about the charge.

“This is nonsense, and we aren’t responding to nonsense. He was issued a desk appearance ticket.”

I, myself, scrambled to read the first article when I saw the headline earlier today. Since it’s JR Smith, I immediately assumed the worst. While it’s never a good thing to have to appear in front of a judge, there’s nothing to worry about here for JR. For those of you who have never been issued a desk appearance ticket, JR will most likely show up, agree to pay a fine then go on his way.

Of course, I wouldn’t know that from experience, a friend told me about it.

Image: FOX

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