November 28, 2021

JR Smith Beats Up Protester Destroying Truck

It would not be a stretch to say JR Smith has been a role model by playing in the NBA. Additionally, here in Cleveland, by being on that historic 2016 championship team, he furthered his identity and likability.

This country is going through a tumultuous time and the chaos continued when a man vandalized Smith’s truck in Los Angeles, and the former Cavaliers three-point specialist went outside and gave the guy a Rocky Balboa-style beating.

The person destroying the vehicle is obviously not innocent by any means and this article is, in no way, trying to say that is right. However, think of the classic saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

A person that was not a famous basketball player would certainly have been arrested for those actions.

Viewer discretion is advised, there is foul language in the following video:

After watching that clip, it is sad to see someone that so many people admire get so angry and take it out in the worst of ways. It sets a terrible example, especially for young fans just starting to get invested in the game of basketball or sports, in general.

2020 has been a horrible year in so many various aspects. This is simply another story that is tough to watch unfold. Frankly, defending Smith is difficult. Not because of the man’s right to be angry, but the way it exploded into a violent beat-down of another person. Smith did express some regret on TMZ.

“It was just a random act of stupidness, and I give him that. But, that ass whooping was a random act of stupidness on my behalf.”

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if anything else happens because of Smith’s actions. It doesn’t seem likely the victim would pursue any charges because the man did vandalize the truck, which started this entire altercation.

Smith is currently 34 years old and a free agent. Also, he really did not play much this past year even before the season was halted. Will any team be willing to sign Smith after what happened in the streets of LA?

Only time will tell…

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