February 27, 2024

Josh Naylor’s Contract: Will he Remain a Guardian for Years to Come?


Josh Naylor has had an outstanding season thus far for the Cleveland Guardians. His current season stats are 15 home runs, 76 RBIs and a batting average of .312. These are some amazing stats that Josh Naylor has kept consistent throughout this season. Now the next topic for discussion will be his future with the Guardians.

Sitting right out on Josh’s current contract situation is he has two more years in arbitration then he will become an unrestricted free agent. The question is if the Guardians would actually cough up the money to keep him here in Cleveland, especially if he continues to play well.

The Guardians extended Jose Ramirez a year ago who became the first player in Cleveland Baseball History to extend with the team. Usually, players leave Cleveland after their years of MLB service since Cleveland cannot always afford huge contracts. The re-signing of Jose Ramirez should give Guardians fans hope to extend Naylor.

On another note, they should also be able to extend Josh since his brother Bo Naylor will be with the Guards for many years to come. Keeping the brothers together would be a great way to continue a newly tradition for the Cleveland Guardians.

Even though this is still two years away before contract talks would begin, it is significant for the organization to start discussing these works now. Josh is beginning to be on a time limit and he has a bright future to continue to become a great hitter. People across the league have already said that Josh Naylor is the hottest bat in the Major Leagues right now. This should not be a player Cleveland should let walk away.

Two years away, but as for right now let’s continue to focus on the now and see where the rest of this season will take us.

Go Guardians!!!

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