February 27, 2024

Josh McDaniels is the Candidate that Makes the Most Sense for Browns. Here’s Why:


Josh McDaniels has been the talk of the coaching circles for the past few years. Every time a coaching vacancy has come up, he has been one of the top names on the list of available candidates, but every year he ends up back as the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. The biggest question that has come up this offseason is will Josh McDaniels be named the head coach of the Cleveland Browns? I say yes and that he is the right fit for this team.

The Patriots have had a consistent offense with McDaniels under the helm and the 2019 season was no different. The 2019 Patriots finished with the 15th ranked offense at the end of the 2019 season. This is something that has not been the case for the Browns anytime in recent history. In the 2019 season, the Cleveland Browns ranked 22nd in total offense under Freddie Kitchens. The Browns were a team in flux in 2019, but with much of that same team coming back in 2020. There is a ton of talent on this team, especially on offense, that McDaniels could take control of and turn this team into an offensive juggernaut.

While McDaniels has not run defense since his time in Denver, he has worked under Bill Belichick since 2012 on the offense, but many people may forget he was a defensive assistant for the Patriots from 2002-2003. During this time, McDaniels got to see how Belichick runs his defense. While McDaniels’ time in Denver would not show the best version of McDaniels’ defensive mind, he also did not have the talent on that Broncos defense that he would on this Browns team. Myles Garrett is a superstar on defense and will be the leader for this defense once his suspension is completed if it goes into this coming season. Denzel Ward is a player who has taken his position on the defense and run with it, becoming a force offenses are forced to reckon with at least once in a game.

One key thing about McDaniels that I feel shows he would be the best fit for this team is that he wants this job. A Barberton, Ohio, native who was tied to the coaching vacancy last offseason is said to have wanted this job since his childhood. One key piece to remember is that if McDaniels in selected as the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns, he also gets to be a part of the decision of who is named the new general manager. If this is the case, McDaniels would most likely poach a key member of the New England front office to become the general manager of the Browns.

As the McDaniels’ interview is the final interview the Browns will conduct before selecting their head coach, the only option that is the correct one is Josh McDaniels. A coach who has been under Bill Belichick since 2012 as an offensive coordinator has to have leadership within him and should be able to lead this offense to the heights they were supposed to reach last season. With his previous experience as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, he has an idea of what worked for him as a head coach and what he needs to change up to be successful. All of these reasons together show why McDaniels is the only choice to be the 18th head coach in the history of the Cleveland Browns.

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2 thoughts on “Josh McDaniels is the Candidate that Makes the Most Sense for Browns. Here’s Why:

  1. He’s a proven offensive mind, that should be enough, but he’s also a hommer, he has ties with a good personell guy that’s also a hommer, he’s learned from the best over a ton of years. I’m not anti analytics but don’t let that skinny little fuck in San-diego screw this up for us.

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