With backup quarterback Kellen Moore breaking his leg, the Dallas Cowboys are in need of a replacement. Starter Tony Romo is injury prone and hasn’t finished a full season since 2012 and injured his collarbone twice last year.

Recently, brief trade talks have occurred between Dallas and the Cleveland Browns surrounding quarterback Josh McCown. So the question is brought up, what is McCown’s trade value?

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If the Browns truly want to keep the veteran quarterback on their roster then their asking price should be high. They have the leverage and the Cowboys are the team with the position to fill. If they’re desperate enough, they might surrender a conditional fourth round pick that could be a third rounder based on McCown’s performance.

Is he worth it? It depends on who you ask.

Despite being considered a NFL journeyman, McCown is a serviceable starter who has proved he can be productive. He passed for 2,109 yards, 12 touchdowns, just four interceptions and finished with a 93.3 rating in eight starts last year. In 2014, McCown started 11 games and surpassed the 2,000 yard mark. On the downside, his team’s have a 2-17 record in the past two seasons. However, in 2013 with the Chicago Bears he passed for 1,829 yards, 13 touchdowns and just one interception in five starts and eight games total.

The point being is that McCown is an efficient field general that can be trusted to rally the troops. The 37-year-old is no doubt a leader in the locker room because let’s face it, he has been in plenty of them. How much is that worth, though?

Honestly, his value is probably around the fifth or sixth round range. That isn’t going to be worth it for a Cleveland team who is depending on an injury prone Robert Griffin III to bounce back. It would leave Austin Davis and rookie Cody Kessler as the only reserve quarterbacks.

The Browns are trying to get younger, but they also want to build through the draft. They shouldn’t take anything less than a fourth rounder for Josh McCown.

-Max Gold

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