March 4, 2024

Josh Gordon Will Not Participate in Beginning of Training Camp


Well, the Josh Gordon roller coaster ride that never seems to end takes another twist as Flash informed us all that he is not going to be a part of the beginning of training camp via his Twitter.

GM John Dorsey also made a statement.

Before I continue, let me say that this is all my own speculation.

First of all, football aside, I respect Josh Gordon for continuing to focus on his health and getting the proper treatment he needs in order to live a happy and prosperous life. I think it is great that he is taking control of his own problems and making sure he doesn’t fall back into old habits.

However, I have a few concerns.

The first is that we just found out about the plan the day training camp started. This leads me to believe that some sort of event had to have recently happened causing Josh to miss time. What was this event and how much of a setback is it? If this were the plan all along, it would’ve been reported in a similar fashion to a pitcher making a rehab start in AAA as part of the recovery process.

Secondly, I truly hope this is preventative measures being taken and not a relapse to the previous abuse that Gordon had with drugs in the past. After all the work he’s put in, it would be devastating to lose him again…probably forever. He’s such a talented player and it would be a huge waste.

Additionally, some fans have speculated that Gordon may be shielded from the Hard Knocks camera crew following the Browns this training camp. While this theory is a reasonable one, Josh Gordon did record a documentary where he went into detail about his struggles. So, it’s no secret about his challenges.

If Gordon requested to miss the part of camp that the cameras were there, I could understand the Browns granting him that leave. Clearly, he is in shape and is ready to go for the season.

But with Josh, we’ve seen this before. Remember when he caught that touchdown pass in a preseason against the Bucs and all was well? Then, all of the sudden he’s back in rehab and out for the entire season.

The best case scenario is that he truly just needed a little help to get him mentally prepared for the NFL season and he will be back with the team in no time. The worst case scenario is that he is using. As of now, there is no evidence of a failed drug test, so I will not accuse Gordon of anything until that information is brought forth by the NFL.

As much as we want Josh on the field, we want him healthy and happy first. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved, but there is certainly room for speculation.

Image: ESPN


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