Thursday morning, it was reported by ESPN’s Josina Anderson that Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is now working as a car salesman at a local dealership. Gordon, suspended for a full year because of substance abuse, is not allowed to participate in any team related activities.

This is a wonderful first step to a full recovery from a player that has been battling issues since high school.

As the months go by, it is crucial for Josh Gordon not to slip back into his old ways. Having a full time job gives him something to do, a purpose of sorts. Sure, it’s not as amazing as playing NFL Football, but it’s something. As we all know, something is hugely better than nothing.

We wish Josh Gordon the best of luck. We hope he sells many cars, and deceives customers like he did defensive backs last season. Most importantly, that he stays away from anything that inhibits a return to the Browns next season.

-Zach Shafron

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