Jose Ramirez! It’s Great – But Here Is The Problem

When I heard the Cleveland Guardians signed 29-year-old 3B Jose Ramirez to a five-year, 124 million dollar contract extension, well, I was shocked. I checked to make sure it wasn’t still April 1st (April Fools Day), made sure all of the accounts weren’t fake and then I checked my blood pressure and temperature to make sure it was all good. Don’t worry, it was.

The Dolans are known for being cheap and not spending any money on players. When the team was the Indians, players were notorious for leaving Cleveland for other teams and more money. This is the other puzzling part. The fact that Jose left so much money on the table that he could’ve gotten on another team.

He really wanted to be in Cleveland – awesome. Took that hometown discount!

Now, last season in 152 games Ramirez hit .266 with 36 home runs, and 103 RBI. Very impressive statistics.

Baseball is very different than say basketball or even football. A player can only have so much impact with the way the game is set up. I don’t have to go over how it works because we all know a hitter only hits once out of every nine times. A player in the field only plays in one area. Now, starting pitchers have a bit more impact. Yet, that’s only on the day of the start.

I like to use the LeBron James theory and the fact LBJ can literally control an entire basketball game simply by being on the floor. Jose Ramirez will be great, but he can only do so much for the team.

My point in tweeting that out is that the Dolans are cheap. My fear is the ownership, because of this deal, will not make any more moves to better the team. After all, how many members on the Guardians can you name? How many moves were made before this one?

Puts everything into perspective…

It’s great to be happy that Jose Ramirez, a great guy and player, is staying in Cleveland for a long time. It’s also right to be concerned about what the team will do with the rest of the roster and necessary improvements because of this huge bill.

Dolans, if you’re going to Mcdonald’s, get me some fries.

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