Jose Ramírez has Turned the Corner

It seems as though it’s finally time to anticipate and expect a big second half from the Indians’ previously struggling superstar third baseman. Before the All-Star Break, Jose was clearly playing better as his average improved steadily during the last month leading up to the break. Sure, the power numbers still weren’t what we have become accustomed to seeing out of Jose, but he stared to hit again. Since he’s starting to hit, I don’t expect the power and game-breaking ability to be too far behind. 

Jose is looking like the one we expected to see this season because his approach at the plate has noticeably improved. Rather than trying to pull everything and hit the long ball, Jose has hit the ball where it is pitched more and he is starting to take the ball the other way, which naturally leads to more hits. And now when he pulls the ball, he hits it, HARD. His refined approach combined with being more disciplined at the plate has led to his recent success, which should continue to build in the second half. 

Jose Ramirez takes a swing!

Still not convinced?

The stats alone show that Ramirez is heating up for the stretch run. Over his last 30 games, Jose has slashed .270/.326/.461 and he’s walked just as many times as he’s struck out (11 times each).

Not enough?

Over Jose’s last 15 games, he has slashed .321/.381/.607 with 12 runs and 11 RBI.

How about now?

Jose seems to be finding his power again, too. Over the Tribe’s last seven games, an even better .345/.355/.759 with three HR and he’s already matched his June XBH total only halfway through July.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Jose is coming and he’s going to have a big second half. The Indians are in desperate need of offensive production and a resurgent Jose Ramírez could give them the shot in the arm they looking for. Everyone knows that when Jose gets hot, there’s no one else in the league like him, so there’s plenty of reasons to get excited about this second-half playoff push.

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