Jose Ramirez Earned AL Player of the Week Honors


Jose Ramirez is having an incredible month in April. It’s been the Jose Ramirez Show in Cleveland. The record is not something to cheer about, but Ramirez’s numbers are worth cheering for, especially his latest accomplishment. Ramirez earned the American League Player of the Week honors for his astonishing performance. He hit .478 (11-for-23) with two home runs, eleven RBIs, and a 1,432 OPS.

The third baseman signed a seven-year contract extension to stay with the Guardians. He is living up to the contract so far. It’s great to see a fellow Dominican remaining loyal to a team that he has played his entire career. Ramirez, 29, is in the prime of his career. We are seeing the best of him on the field. We hope the Guardians management can bring some talent to build around Jose Ramirez because you don’t want to see a talent like that go to waste. Guardians lost shortstop star Francisco Lindor to the New York Mets. Losing Lindor shook the Guardians to the core. He’s an exciting player to watch and has a lot of charisma. They may not have Lindor, but they still have Ramirez. Therefore, my message is simple to the general manager, BRING SOME PIECES TO THE LINEUP!

Ramirez’s contract includes an entire no-trade clause. Do you know what this means, Cleveland fans? Ramirez might finish his career with the Guardians and I believe that he genuinely will end his career with the Guardians. Why? Ramirez wants to win a World Series for Cleveland. They should’ve won it all in 2016 against the Chicago Cubs. I don’t know what it is about Cleveland sports, but there must be some kind of curse. Despite losing in 2016, I felt they were good enough to go back in 2017 and 2018, but they didn’t even make it out of the Division Series. It would be amazing to see Jose Ramirez’s jersey retire in Cleveland and go to the Hall of Fame as a Guardian. All of this sounds exciting and we would want that for him. If Ramirez can continue this hot-hitting streak, we could see an American League MVP trophy added to his trophy case.

There’s a lot of harmony in the Guardians clubhouse. You could see it and feel it while watching it through the TV screen. Team chemistry is vital. Ramirez is beloved by his teammates and he’s a perfect fit for the organization. He could’ve gone anywhere like San Diego or Toronto, but he said, “no way, Jose. I’m staying right where I belong. Home is where the heart is.” He didn’t say this, but this is what I imagine he felt when he signed the contract. Ramirez wasn’t a top prospect like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper or even Carlos Correa, but he proved that he could compete with those caliber players. He signed for $60,000 out of the Dominican Republic. He worked his way up through the system with hard work and dedication. You don’t become great overnight; it takes relentless hours to become a fascinating player and stay in the league for years and years. Look at him now; he is one of the best hitters in the game and doing so in a Guardian uniform.

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