Jose, Cleveland Loves You

Updated: July 2, 2017

On Sunday night, Jose Ramirez was selected to be the starting third basemen for the American League All-Star team. Now while Jose has played amazingly and completely deserved the starting role, the dude is batting .325 with 15 homers and 42 RBI, he needed some help from the fans.

Cleveland fans have been known to come through in the clutch many times whether it be coming out for the meaningful games or voting in our favorite players. We got Mo Williams into the NBA All-Star game for crying out loud. Going into the last week of voting for the starters, Ramirez was 411,000 votes behind Miguel Sano from the Minnesota Twins. Sano was deserving but Jose was a whole different animal in the month of June and overall Ramirez is in the top 10 for hits, OPS, SLG %, batting AVG, triples and doubles. Jose had a scorching month of June where he had more extra base hits than strikeouts.

Jose has become a fan favorite since his coming out party last summer when he became a hustle player and everyday third baseman for the team. Cleveland sure does love their hustle players. Jose made highlight plays at third base and his bat came alive.

Jose was voted in for the starting spot and Minnesota Twins fans were furious but in the end…Miguel Sano blew a 411,000 vote lead in the 2017 MLB All-Star game voting.

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