No one wanted the Browns to lose on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville. Yet, to actually expect a victory was something unprecedented for Browns fans. We’re used to losing, expecting it, and once and awhile getting that ugly victory against another bad team. However, this was the game that we were finally confident about winning. Not just winning, but spanking Jacksonville by a huge margin and securing a 4-2 record.

This year, the Browns have battled through plenty of close games with quarterback Brian Hoyer at the helm. Finally, it seemed as if we were getting someone competent enough to play the quarterback position. Now Hoyer hasn’t been flashy, but he has made plays when they needed to be made.

Sunday, it all came crashing down for the Cleveland native. Hoyer was atrocious, going 16/41 without even getting one into the end zone. There was plenty of blame to dish out to the offensive line and lack of a running game, but this is Hoyer’s team right now. He gets to ride the successes of games such as the Pittsburgh win, but also take the hits for the failures like this most recent debacle as well.

The Browns lost to Jacksonville by a score of 24-6. Don’t let that fool you, as we were in the game until the very last minutes. The defense snagged three interceptions, and held the now 1-6 Jaguars to 10 points throughout most of the game.

Who was missing from this disappointing outing?

Johnny Manziel.

Now please put down your pitchforks, and ease off any attacks.

Brian Hoyer was very predictable, and was unable to create anything consistent against the Jaguars defense. Hoyer has been a quarterback that is consistently able to take what is given to him, and this was the first game that very little was there for the taking. Ultimately, Hoyer was unable to make anything special happen.

At Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel was nothing short of spectacular. In two years, he threw for nearly 8,000 yards and also rushed for over 2,000 as well. You may not like him, but you cannot deny the kid is full of talent that very few people on this earth possess.

Yet he’s just standing on the sideline…waiting.

Now I’m not suggesting that Brian Hoyer should be axed from starting job because of one bad start. I just don’t understand why this talented kid we, to this point, wasted a first pick on is standing on the sideline watching the entire game every single week. My call to action is to give Johnny Manziel a series or two to change the pace of the game. He will keep the defense on their toes, and also has the ability to make some amazing plays that are simply not in Brian Hoyer’s arsenal.

Forget about the single hand off or wicked trick play, I’m taking about a couple of full series for Johnny Manziel at quarterback for the Browns.

Deciding who should be the starting quarterback for the Browns this year was difficult as neither quarterback really shone in the preseason. Brian Hoyer was and in the right choice even after this terrible loss. Thankfully, we aren’t 0-6, but a 3-3 record isn’t magical either. Sunday’s loss won’t ruin Brian Hoyer forever, but it definitely makes us question if he truly is the guy to lead us to a Super Bowl or even any future successes for that matter. Again, 16-41 for a 39 percent completion percentage is simply unacceptable no matter who you are or what the rest of your team did or didn’t do for you. Some excuses were valid, but Brian Hoyer flat out missed way too many times.

The plan is simple – use both quarterbacks in order to win. Brian Hoyer as the anchor, and Johnny Manziel as the flash.

-Zach Shafron

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