It was announced just a few days after the Monday night debacle against the Washington Redskins that quarterback Brian Hoyer will be under center week one in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. This was looked at as the safe move by the Browns front office as neither the incumbent Hoyer or newly beloved draftee Johnny Manziel really went out and earned the job those first two weeks.

Against the Bears, the flow, the execution and the play calling was so much better. Brian Hoyer made sharp throws, and for the first time this preseason he actually looked like a starting quarterback. Johnny Manziel was Johnny Football. He ran around, made awesome plays and showed every Browns fan that it wasn’t a mistake to pick him. Still, the kid has plenty of work to become great.

That being said, here’s the problem.

Standing on the sideline, Johnny Manziel is not going to be watching future Hall of Fame member Tom Brady quarterbacking for the Browns. Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers aren’t under center either. Johnny’s teacher is Brian Hoyer, and he’s been a career backup for years.

So sure, at first the idea of him sitting and learning makes sense. Johnny Manziel is not 100% ready to lead the Browns to the promised land. He showed signs of immaturity, inaccuracy, and the inability to drive the team down the field. Oddly enough, throughout most of the preseason Brian Hoyer had similar issues with running the offense.

So, what does learning from an average quarterback do? Does it instill the correct way to be a quarterback in the NFL, or will it end up just doing nothing? Sadly, it’s unfortunately true. Johnny Manziel isn’t going to learn much behind Brian Hoyer in this terrible 2014 Browns offense. He may learn the playbook better, but he’ll rarely see each signal call executed correctly.

In other instances such as the widely noted Green Bay Packers situation, the incumbent was a star winding down his career. Brett Favre had many successful seasons with the Packers, and was able to teach the up-and-coming Aaron Rodgers how to play quarterback in the NFL. When it was finally Rodgers out there, he thrived and ended up winning a Super Bowl.

That worked, because the teacher was a master. The Browns situation is 100% different.

Yeah, this is the pickle every Browns fans feels. I’m totally for Johnny Manziel sitting and learning a bit behind Brian Hoyer, but when it’s time for Manziel to finally trot onto that field to run the show…will he be any better?

That remains to be seen.

-Zach Shafron

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