Johnny Manziel: Modern Day Ryan Leaf?


The Offseason again gets interesting. Reports have surfaced that newly drafted Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel partied in Las Vegas during Memorial Day Weekend. This alone brings to mind a name that many are familiar with.

Ryan Leaf.

The former 1998 #1 draft pick himself also went to Vegas right after he was drafted. As the story goes, Ryan Leaf went on to be widely considered as the biggest draft bust in NFL history.

While, as of right now, it doesn’t set off too many alarms considering Manziel’s personality reflects around stuff like this, it’s something the Browns staff has to control before it spirals downward. I don’t see a problem with Manziel doing this sort of stuff, but overdoing it could become deadly for his career.

For now, let’s give Manziel the benefit of the doubt, and when it starts to get deadly, then control the situation before it becomes Ryan Leaf like.

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