Johnny Manziel has partied himself out of Cleveland

In his second season as a Cleveland Brown quarterback, Johnny Manziel has yet to come to the realization that every move he makes is being watched by the sports world.

On Monday, a video posted by TMZ showed Manziel at a party in Austin, Tx, on Nov. 20, during the team’s bye week. With a bottle of Dom champagne in hand, Manziel was seen having fun with close friends. But the “partying Johnny” Browns fans have been accustomed to seeing over the past two seasons has been enough for the organization.

Making it clear they’re full of his shenanigans, the Browns announced Tuesday that Josh McCown was renamed the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season and Manziel had been demoted to third-string. This all coming just a week after naming him the starter for the remaining six games of the regular season.

Following the announcement about the quarterback change, coach Mike Pettine said, “I’ve spoken to Ray (Farmer) and Jimmy (Haslam) to inform them of my decision, and they are in full support.”

“Everyone in this organization wants what is best for Johnny just like we do for every player in our locker room. I’m especially disappointed in his actions and behavior because he has been working very hard. The improvements from last year to this year have been tremendous but he still has to consistently demonstrate that he has gained a good understanding of what it takes to be successful at the quarterback position on this level. It goes well beyond the field.”

Despite the impending departures of Farmer and Pettine, it seems a divorce with Manziel seems likely in the Browns future. However, his future in the NFL is still an unsolved mystery.

During the 2015 offseason, Manziel sought treatment for his alcohol addiction, and hasn’t panned out. He was also reported in October both driving dangerously and being physical with his girlfriend on an interstate highway in Cleveland. While smelling of alcohol, police decided after questioning him to not give him a sobriety test. The NFL also reviewed this incident and decided, as did the Browns, not to punish Manziel.

In his recent performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he threw 33-45 for 372 yards with one touchdown. Yet the negative spotlight Manziel has received since his days at Texas A&M is enough reasoning for the Browns to move on and for another name to be added to the infamous Browns jersey.

Assuming what he would be worth in any trade, would be very little to nothing, at this time. And to many organizations, especially those in a rebuilding phase, he’d be considered a “cancer”, despite only be 22 years old.

Heading into week 12, the Browns sit with the third overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Plus, their still in the race for the first overall pick, with six games remaining on the schedule, should they decide to make a run for it.

But without an unclear frontrunner at the quarterback position, the Browns chose the wrong year to be in a position to attempt at drafting a possible franchise quarterback, or at least many people believe has a promising future.

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