It’s no surprise that the Johnny Manziel craze is continuing right through Browns Rookie Mini-Camp. While we all knew that the talk would never end, it’s still amazing to see the national media with such a powerful obsession for a player in our franchise. It’s the newest one we’ve had since the Lebron James era here in Cleveland. This one, like LBJ, doesn’t seem to be stopping, or even dying down for that matter, anytime in the near future.

ESPN, Fox Sports and other major national media outlets can’t get enough of Johnny Manziel. Every day, every hour and every segment seems to be Johnny this, Johnny that, Johnny who, Johnny how, Johnny Cleveland. The man is nothing short of a God…

For us Browns fans, as cool as all of the Johnny Cleveland talk is, it’s also extremely scary. Through his voice, Manziel has the power to cause a media-frenzy. Everyone is just waiting for Johnny to say something negative about Cleveland, and I fear that the moment it happens will be disastrous for the franchise. Manziel’s presence is enough of a distraction as is, but an added slip-up will make things much, much worse for the team.

Johnny Manziel has already had plenty of chances to speak to the media, and so far he has done an amazing job at answering every question the right way. No criticisms or critiques, no lack of confidence, all motivational all the time. That is why I believe that Johnny’s best move at this point  is having not made a bad one. Thankfully,  he’s been able to keep his poise 100% of the time through some very difficult questions asked his way.

Moving forward, Johnny Manziel must continue to be careful with whatever he says because one wrong move and it’s completely chaos here in Cleveland. Hopefully, it’ll be his actions on the field that will do the real talking. Ooh-rah!

-Zach Shafron

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