Johnny being Johnny: We Want More!


Johnny Manziel likes to play football, drink beer, and be with beautiful women. It’s as though the media in Cleveland had no idea and now they are utterly shocked that Johnny isn’t a choir boy, reading his playbook over a Memorial Day weekend. For those of you that are not living under a rock, and under a media black out, you have heard that Johnny Manziel spent his Memorial Day weekend partying in Las Vegas with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, and an army of bikini clad woman. To be honest, I am more than upset by this news. I’m so disappointed and I don’t think I can forgive…..MYSELF, for not being smart enough to go to Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend.

I am a 28yr old, non-millionaire and all I want to do is party in Vegas. The drags of a 9-5 job have already broken my spirit. I don’t hate my job, but it’s also not playing quarterback in the NFL. The only job better than NFL quarterback is Sports Illustrated swim suit photographer. Neither of which is a job I will ever be paid to do. Sigh. I look at my personal life and I try applying that to the parameters that the media is holding to Johnny Manziel. If I was criticized for partying all weekend; even it has nothing to do with my performance on Monday morning, I would not be happy. I don’t think that my legal and socially acceptable weekend behavior has anything to do with my performance at work. This is the same principle that should be used when criticizing Manziel.

I won’t argue that Manziel doesn’t need to be reading his playbook. He is a rookie in the NFL and all of the recent rumors are that Manziel didn’t even have a playbook in college. So I would agree that Johnny has some work to do off the field. However, it’s not as though Johnny missed any team activities due to his (completely expected) behavior. He is a 22yr old millionaire who already has very famous friends. He only has a few days of combined free time before the NFL season is upon us. To be fair, the Browns NFL starts mid-June and runs through December. Yes, I said December because the Browns don’t make the playoffs.

Would I like to see Johnny Manziel out of the media, and buried inside of the Browns facility making himself better? The answer is yes, but that is NOT the guy we drafted. The Browns knew exactly what that were getting themselves into. The Browns are in no position to tell players how to handle their personal time. I have personally seen Joe Haden and TJ Ward out on West 6th, multiple times, during the season. Lets not even mention Josh Gordon and Greg Little’s off field behavior. Ever heard of a speed limit? I don’t want Johnny the choir boy. I want Johnny “Money/Vegas/Football” Manziel.

Imagine this for a minute. I see Johnny playing a lot of Quarterback for the Browns this season. A matter of when Manziel takes the reigns is completely based on his on field performance. However, kick back in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and imagine for a minute. Here is the scenario; Johnny Manziel is playing QB for the Browns, week one vs. the Steelers. It is a hot and humid August day down on the banks of the Ohio River. The Iron City Light beer is flowing and Heinz field is filled to the max with Terrible Towels. Johnny Manziel is playing quarterback. Jim Donavan is on the call:

 “Shotgun formation for the Browns, Manziel takes the snap, drops back, looks left, he looks right, ducks and spins away from a blitzing Troy Polamalu. He shakes off Shazier and he is still on his feet!!! Manziel pivots and slings it down the field. Miles Austin has a step! He makes the catch at the 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5…TOUCHDOWN BROWNS!!!!!”

Then the camera pans to an ecstatic Johnny Manziel who is sprinting down the field in celebration. He is running down the Steelers side of the field and he is making the money symbol right in front of Mike Tomlin!

That is the Johnny Manziel that I want, and that is the Johnny Manziel that the Browns drafted. This isn’t Tim Tebow. I go back to my first line of the article; Johnny Manziel likes to play football, drink beer, and be with beautiful women. I am on board and I can feel my testosterone rising as I write this article. I like to write with music on, and as I sit here, the song I have on repeat is “Believe” by The Bravery. I highly suggest giving it a listen, and thinking about Jim Donavon calling Johnny’s first touchdown.


I will finish with this quote from the song Believe, and I think this applies to the Browns, their fans, and Johnny Freaking Football:

“Something’s always coming ,you can hear it in the ground

It swells into the air, With the rising, Rising sound

And never comes but shakes the boards and rattles all the doors

What are we waiting for, What are we waiting for?”

-The Bravery


Written by Rick Giavonette

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