John Beilein: The Coach the Cavs have Been Waiting For

John Beilein is the kind of basketball coach that most coaches would never dream of, especially being able to take his suit jacket off for 754 wins. From only ever being the head coach of a team since his coaching career began in 1975, to leading the Michigan Wolverines to the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament in nine out of his 12 years as the head coach. John Beilein will finally begin his journey into the NBA as the 2019 – 2020 season tips off on October 23 in the Amway Center against the Orlando Magic.

Beilein looks to be the coach that can mold this Cavs team into a winning organization and a championship team. Beilein has his own style that has been proven to work time and time again by each of his teams’ successes.
Beilein has been shown to be a laid-back coach who takes hold when needed, but he also builds strong bonds with his players and assistant coaches.

Players have taken to Beilein like a fish to water who wrote, “The players have been receptive to Beilein’s practices, some running close to three hours. But that’s not all time on the court. He incorporates videos, individual drills and other teaching techniques.” Terry Pluto of said.

Beilein has gone on to use three veterans on the team to help incorporate his ideas of coaching onto the team in a more seamless way as also explained by Pluto…

“A key for Beilein is Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance Jr. being willing to support the coach with his unique (to the pro game) style of teaching.”

Having veterans who look at the game the same way he does allows Beilein to have leaders in his locker room to help mold his Cavaliers team into a winning team.

Beilein has not only gotten the praise of those currently in the league whether it be as a player or coach, but also by some of the greatest players and broadcasters to ever be in the league and Hall of Fame. Such as Hall of Famer Bill Walton who recently discussed Beilein in an interview with “Bull & Fox” on 92.3 The Fan.

“What a find the Cavs got in John Beilein; It’s a team in progress. Walton looks at Beilein as the head of a team that is on the rise and goes on to talk about two of the cornerstones of this team by saying, “What I love is the fuel that comes from the fans and now you’ve got two young stars in Sexton and Garland.”

Walton shows how those who are held in the highest regard by the basketball community look at Beilein and see a great coach in the making.

As Beilein goes into this first season at the helm of the Cavaliers, he looks to show the passion, insight and experience for the game that he has shown in his previous 27 years in NCAA Basketball. While realizing a dream of his own, he will be molding a culture in Cleveland that will follow in the footsteps of his previous successful teams. All while having to remember to keep his suit jacket on every night.

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