February 28, 2024

John Adams Tribute – Longtime Cleveland Indians Drummer Passes Away


I still remember at a young age going to Cleveland Indians games with my parents and always hearing that drum beat coming from the bleachers. It was always unique to me since the drum would always be played when the Indians were in a scoring/rallying position. On January 30, 2023, tragedy happened when long time Indians drummer, John Adams, passed away.

John Adams was a diehard Indians/Guardians fan just like any Cleveland fan. He started drumming at the games in 1973 and never missed a game until the beginning of the 2020 baseball season as Covid hit. This was the point where John started developing health issues and was unable to drum at the games.

While dealing with health problems, John was still very active on social media and watching games. Even at a young age I always enjoyed seeing his tweets where he would say, “Send in those Tribe vibes now”. John was a remarkable man and was the representation of Cleveland Indians/Guardians fans. The Guardians have recorded John Adams drum sound so it can be played at games for the future. When I attended Game 3 of the ALDS this past season, his drum was recorded and I was so happy to hear it. I am so happy that this tradition will continue on and to continue to tribute John and everything he has done for the Indians/Guardians organization.

Even without John with us at the games, he will continue to live on and will always be remembered by Cleveland. As baseball starts up in the next few months, I am hoping the Guardians can come out strong. Come out strong for the fans, but also for John’s legacy. Rest in Peace, John Adams. John will continue to drum above in the sky as he will continue to cheer on the Guardians with us.

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