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Well, it has happened again! Johnny Manziel is now the newest member of the Harlem Globetrotters.

After being drafted 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns, Manziel has since been drafted 837th overall by the Padres, and now he is one of seven new Globetrotters. Landon Donavan was also one of the picks.

There is obvious media buzz after drafting a celebrity like Johnny Manziel. I don’t think anyone expects Johnny Football to give up his nickname to go tour with the Globetrotters, but who knows, maybe he will do a show in Cleveland with them? That would be pretty cool. Although he wont give up his day job of NFL Quarterback teams still keep taking him. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if on Thursday night, late 2nd round we hear his name again for an NBA team.

Although taking Manziel is an obvious publicity stunt, it really could work. If the Globetrotters came to Cleveland and Johhny was going to play, who wouldn’t buy tickets to that. If LeBron, who is freshly a free agent, signs with Cleveland and the Cavs draft Manziel, he would then be free to practice with LeBron. I can see Johnny lobbing up alley oops to LeBron.

Pure fantasy here, but Manziel could make a heck of a little Guard. He’s 6′ tall. He can stand out by the three point line, or four point for Globetrotters, and take shots. Can you imagine what would happen if he made a four point shot?

It just goes to show that he really is a great athlete as well. There is video on Youtube of Manziel sick dunking ability. Some people may view this as a negative, but I’m glad my quarterback has been drafted by 3 teams, and maybe 4 after Thursday. When was the last time that happened? But just as there was little to no Manziel talk, here it is. Perfectly timed with the Breaking News of LeBron, we get the 2nd most talked about athlete in Manziel, with his own story.

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