April 14, 2024

Everyone says they are going to retire and it doesn’t always end up that way in sports. Just look at how quarterback Tom Brady was done and then ended up signing with the Bucs.

Well, star defensive end JJ Watt posted a tweet that implied he is retiring from football after the season.

My thinking with all of these players is they get excited for life after playing football and then it happens and they think…“Now What?”

Watt, age 33, had 9.5 sacks and 26 tackles this season for the Arizona Cardinals.

This got me thinking would Watt be well-suited for the Browns next year? Well, think about this fact:

The Cleveland Browns currently have $33.716 million in cap space according to over the cap dot com which is the most of any team in the NFL. The team with the second most cap space is Carolina Panthers with $10.643 million. – SB Nation 

That’s a lot of money. JJ Watt has also never won a ring.

Money certainly talks and if the Browns were to give a call to Mr. Watt trying to entice him to come play in Cleveland next year for a large sum of money, who knows?

Watt has played since 2011 and has 111.5 sacks and 580 total tackles. An even bigger note is that he played with quarterback DeShaun Watson in Houston back from 2017-20. Thus, it would be a rekindling of sorts for the two of them together in Cleveland.

Honestly, watching Watt play with Arizona recently and it looks like he still has some left in the tank despite the fact that he is planning to retire.

The Browns have on the defensive line Myles Garrett, JaDaveon Clowney and adding Watt to that group amongst others could really help a team that is desperate for a jolt, so to speak.

Also, think about Watt’s infectious personality that could inspire many players on the roster that could certainly use it with the way this season is ending…

Now, there’s a chance Watt does actually just retire. If so, congratulations on a great career that should land him in the Hall of Fame. Regardless, I doubt it would only be the Browns trying to get him to come back for another season and help a defense win games.

The Browns have the $$$

Since The Dawgs are officially out of the playoffs for 2022, it’s time for Browns fans to do what they do best and that’s look toward next season. It would be fun to have such a legend in Cleveland.


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