September 26, 2022

JB Bickerstaff & Cavs Agree to Multi-Year Deal!

Night & Day…

That’s what one Cavs player described the atmosphere between when former head coach John Beilein was in charge until JB Bickerstaff took over. The team went 14-40 under Coach B before he got canned. It raised some eyebrows because not even an entire season had gone by and that guy had many years of previous success in the college game at Michigan. However, JB Bickerstaff has posted a solid 5-5 record in his brief tenure so far.

As a fan, it’s easy to simply “just tell.” The difference on the court in the way the Cavs players play the game of basketball is so noticeable. Thus, this extension makes perfect sense and a guy like Bickerstaff, who had been a head coach before with the Memphis Grizzlies for a few years, will now get a complete shot to do it again here in Cleveland come fall.

Sure, this season is a wash.

The Cavs aren’t going to make the playoffs and have no chance of contending for a championship right now. Even so, the idea of knowing that the head coaching position is secure and it is with a man that all of the players seem to love…

Well, that’s pretty damn refreshing looking towards the future.

A couple of future free-agent signings, a few draft picks and continued growth from the current roster and who knows where this team will be a year or two from now. Additionally, it appears GM Koby Altman and Bickerstaff work well together.

Congrats, JB. Best of luck to you moving forward in the coming years. Let’s finish this season strong and work towards building a team ready to contend sooner rather than later!

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