Jason Kipnis – A Player I’ll Gladly Watch For Six More Years


A big part of why I love this Cleveland Indians team is how many purely great guys we have taking the field each night. Now I’m not so much talking about abilities, but more so character in all aspects of being a professional baseball player. 1B Nick Swisher is a one crazy awesome dude, while SP Justin Masterson is the nicest guy on the planet.

Truthfully, it’s no exception with all-star second baseman, Jason Kipnis. This morning us Tribe fans found out that the team has extended his contract through the 2019 season, and I cannot help but smile. The man plays with heart, passion and 100% effort every single game. If Jason walks off that field and his jersey isn’t covered in dirt than something is clearly wrong.

He’s the kind of guy I’d love to sit down and have a nice cold soda with while watching a game. (Don’t make fun of my age)

Alright, enough of the nice guy stuff. Let’s get down to business. Jason Kipnis is an amazing second basemen as well as a fantastic person.

Last season, Kipnis hit .284 with 17 home runs and 84 RBI in 564 at bats. On the base paths, he dashed for 30 stolen bases and scored 86 runs. In the field, he kept up a good, solid fielding percentage of .984 as the starting second baseman for the Indians.

Now let’s talk about the month of June, 2013. Kipnis went on an absolute tear! He smacked 39 hits in only 94 at-bats. Additionally, he launched four home runs and banged in 25 big RBI’s. When Kipnis was at the plate, you knew the ball was going to be hit hard. It’s amazing to watch a player on the team you love have so much success, and that’s exactly what we all got to witness with Jason last June.

Although the Tribe did start off the month of June very slowly, Kipnis’ bat helped propel the team to a solid 15-13 record for the month.

As I watched the first couple of games for the Indians in Oakland, the night cap of the double header is where I really noticed something from Jason Kipnis. The 9th inning, to be exact. Of course we all remember that Michael Brantley grounded a two run single through to right side of the infield to give the Indians a 5-4 lead. Jason Kipnis was one of those two runs. Immediately after he scored, he turned and screamed what seemed to be some powerful words of praise to Michael Brantley at second base.

That’s the type of player I want on the Cleveland Indians.

Once again, congratulations Jason! We hope you can help bring a World Series winner here to Cleveland.

-Zach Shafron

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