A report surfaced yesterday that the Cleveland Browns were shopping for a wide receiver. This report makes sense considering the fact that they have one of the shallowest receiving groups in all of football. Corey Coleman has played well this preseason, especially in week three versus Tampa Bay. Kenny Britt is as advertised: a big, physical wide out with big play potential but inconsistent hands. And the slot receiver? A mix of Rashard Higgins, Ricardo Louis, Jordan Leslie and Jordan Payton. To me, those names don’t sound that exciting.

Let’s spice the receiving core up with a Pro Bowl addition: Jarvis Landry. Now is he available for a trade? Probably. Reports have gone back and forth regarding his availability. In my opinion, the Dolphins are listening to offers for the wide receiver. Landry is in the last year of his contract and will be looking for a 10+ million per year deal. Keep in mind the Dolphins’ cap space is a deep concern considering they have Ryan Tannehill,Ndamukong Suh, and Reshad Jones all under superstar contracts. It would make sense for them to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick in exchange for Landry and try to snag another receiver in this free agency class (which is loaded).

Would it make sense for the Browns to acquire Landry? Absolutely. The first reason is the obvious need for another wide out. Landry would be what the Browns are looking for in a sure-handed possession slot receiver. It would give DeShone Kizer exactly what he needs.

Another reason why this deal would make sense is the age of Landry. He is only 24 and would fit perfectly with the Browns’ young roster. He would add experience, yet the explosiveness that comes with being a younger player. The last reason why it would make sense is they are loaded with draft picks. Armed with two firsts, and three seconds, the Browns have plenty of capital to make a move.

This would be a similar move to the one the Browns did last year when they acquired Jamie Collins from the Patriots in exchange for a third-round pick. Collins played extremely well last year and he was also in a contract year. He saw the direction the Browns were heading and decided to commit long term when he signed a multi-year deal to stay in Cleveland. Hopefully, Landry would see the same direction the Browns were heading that Collins saw and sign a multi-year deal this offseason.

All Landry does is produce. In the past two years, he has produced 1100 yard seasons. Add the fact he had 111 catches in 2015 followed by 94 in 2016, Landry is one of the most underrated star players in this league. Again, he would fit perfectly in this Browns offense as Kizer’s #1 option. Pair him with Coleman, Britt and maybe, quite possibly Josh Gordon later this fall and that is one exciting position group.

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