Jarvis Landry and the Mystery Injury

It sounds like a short detective narrative, doesn’t it? 

Unfortunately, it is a reality confronting the Browns’ star wideout right now.  Just what is this suspect ailment though?  The news recently broke when Landry calmly addressed the media from the Browns’ training facility in Berea, Ohio.

While Landry hasn’t been running routes on the practice field this year, he has been present for his teammates and coaches through voluntary workouts.  When the former LSU Tiger receiver said he should be ready by late July, it was a bittersweet bit of dialogue to take in.  On one hand, hey, no surgery!  Great!  On the other hand, the word ‘should’ just doesn’t exactly burst with confidence.  

So what exactly is ailing Jarvis Landry?  Recently on 92.3 The Fan, show hosts discussed a potential leg injury.  Other rumblings on social media claim a nagging hamstring injury.  Whatever the case, I have to admit that there is a cloud of pessimism I have allowed to hang over my head since hearing this news.  My knee-jerk reaction is, “Oh great, just when I thought we would have both Landry and OBJ on the field at the same time.”  

A lot of that is my lack of patience combined with the hunger and strife that any Browns fan has experienced during, oh, the last bit of forever.  From the perspective of a sane, non-Browns fan, they would probably look at this and expect Landry to be on the field in seven weeks going through drills and catching passes from Baker.  However, we orange-wearing die-hards know all too well that fortune doesn’t always favor us.  

It is curious that Landry has chosen not to go into greater detail about whatever setback is keeping him off the field.  It doesn’t look like we will find out anytime soon the specifics of his issue either.  Perhaps the best advice we can give ourselves as Browns fans is to follow the sayings on those cliché t-shirts, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”  

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