April 14, 2024

​After last Sunday’s 24-3 drubbing of the Cincinnati Bengals at the hands of the Cleveland Browns, Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase decided to double down on his infamous Elf comments. Prior to Sunday’s game the rival playmaker jokingly almost called the Cleveland Browns the Cleveland Elves. But the comment that was worse was saying “Cleveland is Cleveland “, echoing the similar bulletin board material from Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster before the 2020 AFC Wildcard game he said, “Browns is the Browns”. Both the Bengals and the Steelers lost those games. The arrogance and narcissism of NFL diva wide receivers are uncannily similar in their stupidity.

​Chase had an opportunity after the game to show some maturity or humility after making a mistake. Instead, he made it worse by saying, “We just lost to some elves”. No Ja’Marr, you didn’t just lose a football game to some elves. You got embarrassed by a superior team. You gave extra motivation to a team that you have only won one game against in the last six meetings. You gave a team that is frothing at the mouth to prove NFL national pundits wrong a reason to get angrier. You also put a bigger target on your quarterback. The Bengals offense was only able to score three points and account for 142 yards of total offense. And those three points came from a questionable pass interference call. That was abysmal for an NFL offense. But hey, Chase got his headlines and social media clicks. I hope hurting your team like that was worth it.

​The sad part is the Bengals have talent, they are the defending AFC North Champions and made it to the AFC Championship game last year. So last Sunday’s game stats don’t truly reflect the talent level of that team. They are hosting the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday for their home opener. So it won’t get any easier for them.

The Browns will be traveling to Pittsburgh for a Monday Night Game against the Steelers. In last year’s divisional games, every team went 3-3 respectively. The AFC North is an evenly matched division, and every division game is important. The Steelers suffered a blowout home opening loss to the San Francisco 49ers 30-7. They will be ready to play on national television. Knowing Coach Tomlin, this matchup is a big test for a confident Cleveland Browns team. Maybe the Steelers will be smart enough to do their talking on the field Monday Night. But for the sake of Browns fans, we can always hope for more bulletin board material!

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