December 7, 2023

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has raised the prices for season tickets for this upcoming season. Fans have a right to be mad, but hey, it could be worse if Cleveland just got up and moved again like they did when they packed up for Baltimore. Jimmy Haslam will not be public enemy number one that award belongs to LeBron James. Many fans are frustrated because of the poor play from the team this year. This team had championship aspirations with a boatload of talented players on their roster. Fans have voiced their displeasure on social media about the price increase. I understand how the fans feel as we have lived through a pandemic. Many people have either lost their jobs or have cut back on their spending. Let’s not forget Cleveland is a city filled with hard working-class people.

According to the team, this is the fifth time in 14 years that the prices have risen. For the past three seasons, the Browns’ season tickets have sold out. Currently, there is a waitlist of more than 7,500 people for the 2022-2023 season. Season tickets start at 55 dollars and increase every year by five dollars. According to team officials, the Browns’ season ticket prices are among the lowest in the league. If the Browns can get back to the playoffs and make a deep run, then all may be forgiven. Free agency is approaching. It is time for the Browns to make noise and add more playmakers. General manager Andrew Berry, you are on the clock., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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