February 27, 2024

Here we go again. It’s another story from another superstar set to make millions of dollars in the coming years. Luckily, this player doesn’t play for our Cavaliers. Even so, it’s a terrible look for the NBA, in general.

Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant is a player for the Memphis Grizzlies. He just got a contract extension. Prior to the 2022-23 season, Morant agreed to a five-year extension with the Grizzlies that is projected to be worth $194 million. His extension could increase to $233 million if he’s named Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year or he earns an All-NBA selection this season.

Ja Morant is seen on camera via Instagram Live flashing a gun in the car.

This is all the Grizzlies said so far: “We are aware of the social media video involving Ja Morant,” the Grizzlies said in a statement. “He is suspended from all team activities pending League review. We have no further comment at this time.” – NY Post

The No. 2 overall pick out of Murray State in the 2019 draft is 23 years old. Morant averaged 26.2 points, 8.1 assists and 5.9 rebounds during the 2022-23 regular season.

This is what bothers me so much about this whole situation. Firstly, even while in hot water from a previous incident that involved a gun, the dude still gets that aforementioned contract extraction.

Fine. Give Ja his money, the man is a great player after all just look at those statistics. He also seemed to learn his lesson. Ja said this after the first gun incident…

“I don’t condone any type of violence,” Morant told ESPN. “But I take full responsibility for my actions. I made a bad mistake and I can see the image that I painted over myself with my recent mistakes. But in the future, I’m going to show everybody who Ja really is, what I’m about and change this narrative.” – ESPN

Well, it doesn’t appear you learned anything, Mr. Morant. It will be interesting to see just how long the league suspends Ja for the next season. I’ve heard anything from 25 games to half a season and even people that want him out the entire next year.

Not sure why Ja felt the need to flash a gun on camera, why his buddy felt the need to record Ja with the gun to begin with and how he possibly couldn’ve learned his lesson. Literally, all this dude needed to do is play basketball and he would end up making at least $194 million (could be more).

How are the Grizzlies supposed to trust this guy without like a personal babysitter to surround him 24/7? Well, honestly they can’t. Morant better learn his lesson and actually learn it this time without another gun-related incident. If he doesn’t, it could be a great career gone to waste…

Latest incident screen shot:


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