The Pilot Flying J court proceedings unearthed some recordings of company executives using racial slurs and bashing the Cleveland Browns. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam reportedly wasn’t present in the recorded meetings, but nonetheless, it’s time for a new owner in Cleveland.

We’ve put up with so much in Cleveland. The losing, the staff changes, the quarterback carousel and all the jokes have tested our will, but we’re still here. As Browns fans, we aren’t going anywhere. We love our team and we root for all our players. No exceptions., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

We’re done with this owner. He needs to sell. These recorded meetings disclose a culture of hatred and bigotry that is unacceptable anywhere. This stuff doesn’t happen without an owner knowing about it. Even if Jimmy Haslam was unaware of all of this, he is still responsible as the owner of the company. It’s his ship. He can go down with it.

Here’s the thing. In Cleveland, we not only support our athletes, our team’s pioneered diversity from Indians Hall of Fame outfielder Larry Doby to the Browns’ Marion Motley and Bill Willis. We don’t look at a player’s skin color. We look at his performance and we want the best for all Cleveland players in every sport.

Talk about the embarrassment of the Browns 0-16 season or the parade. Those are hiccups compared to having an owner who is now forever linked to racism. We won’t stand for this. Sell the team, Jimmy. Sell it now.

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