LeBron Needs To Dominate Game 5

LeBron James may be the second best player in NBA history when his career is all said and done. We all know what he can do, just a freak of nature; an unstoppable force. That’s why he needs to once again show why he’s the King in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals and dominate from start to finish.

With the series tied at two headed back to Cleveland, this is a must win for the Cavs. If Cleveland goes back to Toronto down 3-2, things may not turn out so well.

But the Raptors don’t have an answer for LBJ, no one does. So it’s time for him to show the Canadians why they have no chance in this ECF, as everyone has said they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, James has been exceptional this postseason, I have no complaints. But it’s time to be the best, and not just exceptional, that’s what the GOATS do. A 40-point performance on his home court will demoralize the Raptors and make an ECF’s title guaranteed. There’s no reason he can’t put those numbers up…so it’s time to do it, King James!

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