It’s Time For A Sit Down

Updated: August 16, 2017

The Kyrie Irving saga has lasted way too long and has almost come to a standstill here in August. Even worse, rumors of LeBron exiting Cleveland have reached the levels of 100% and the season isn’t even close to starting.

What happened to the close-knit team that was four games away from being back-to-back NBA champions? All hell has broken loose…

Here is the tweet that scared all of Cleveland:

Truly, it’s time for a sit-down with the ownership, management, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and all of their people. This situation needs to get sorted out sooner rather than later, so that the direction of this basketball team is clear heading into this season.

If LeBron wants out, a rumor that is shaky at best, then let’s treat him as an asset just like the rest of the players in the NBA. He’ll no longer become untouchable and the team can field offers. Yes, he has a no-trade clause, but if he wants out, wouldn’t he be the one willing to lift that off?

And Kyrie, man. Like, LeBron made you into the star that you are and put you in the place to make all the big shots that you’ve made. You wouldn’t be the man you’ve become without him and now you’re betraying LeBron who is betraying the Cavs (potentially) to go become the main guy of a lesser team?

Sounds silly to me.

Stay and Cleveland and become the leader as the King starts to decline.

But we know that won’t happen.

It’s time for the Cavs to pull the trigger on a Kyrie Irving trade and get that toxicity out of the locker room before it even enters. If he doesn’t want to be here and the team can get good value for him, please do it now.

At this point, if LeBron really wants to leave, I would be okay with the team loading up on high draft picks to try and rebuild for a post-LeBron post-Warriors run at another championship in the future, once the league balances out again.

Guys, it was a great run. But I think everyone realized just how dominant this Golden State team is and that winning another NBA Finals against them would be next to impossible barring injury. Starting over wouldn’t be such a bad thing instead of almost winning every year.

So, the Cavs need a sit-down. The team needs to clear the air with its stars and see what their goals are for this upcoming year and beyond in Cleveland. If they don’t want to be here, get them out and rebuild for a future. If the rumors are smoke, then let’s work to make this team into something that has a better chance of beating Golden State in the future. Because right now, an injured Derrick Rose ain’t gonna help.

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