March 3, 2024

It’s The Play That Led To The Plays – Browns @ Texans…What?


We all saw what happened on that wonderful Christmas Eve as the Browns dominated the Texans in what turned out to be a 36-22 victory. Yes, we are all Wacko for Flacco with a little Flacco Fever and Amari Cooper was catching everything in sight breaking that team record for most yards in a game by a Browns receiver at 265 yards on the day.

Let’s dive into a play that will be taken for granted on this holiday.

It’s third and goal from the four-yard line. 13:23 left in the first quarter.  The Browns put RB Jerome Ford in the shotgun and Flacco out wide. Snap goes to Ford, he fakes the pitch back to Flacco, rushes to the right corner and makes it in the end zone for the score!


Why is this a crucial play for a game that mainly had to do with passing? Think about it…

If Ford gets stuffed it’s 4th down and the Browns have to settle for a field goal (kicker wasn’t yet hurt). It’s 3-0 (if the kick likely is made) instead of 7-0 and the Texans have all the momentum and get the ball.

Coach Stefanski gets criticized for not throwing the pass and everything is different in this game.

Now, there is no way to actually know how different the contest would’ve been with that result. However, scoring that touchdown with an excellent block from OT James Hudson swinging out wide secured the score.

The Browns are now 10-5 with the win and have an excellent chance to make the AFC Wild Card. They face the New York Jets on Thursday night at home followed by a final matchup in Cincinnati against the Bengals.

A run by Ford for a touchdown got everything started in what was truly a magical victory by the Browns. This type of execution will certainly be key in order to advance to playoffs and beyond.

Rushing itself? The Browns only had 54 yards on the afternoon and that needs some major improvement overall for sure.

Ford – 15 for 25 yards

Strong Jr. – Five for 22

Hunt – Seven for 11

Flacco – Two for a yard

DTR – One for -5

Just about 1.8 yards a carry. That is awful. Work to be done overall and it’s a struggle with all of the injuries to the offensive line. Not to mention the best of them all in running back Nick Chubb being out for the year, of course.

Want to see the actual highlight itself? CLICK HERE


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