It’s Personal – Baker Mayfield: What People Aren’t Thinking About


I say this in each of the many Baker Mayfield articles I write…which has reached like a Gazillion at this point. The drama never truly ends with quarterbacks and Cleveland Browns Football. And it never will.

Baker and I relate because we each have severe shoulder issues. No, I am not a starting quarterback in the NFL like he is, but we are still both humans, right? Young men that suck at quarterback. Sorry, I’ll stop.

Anyway, Mayfield underwent successful surgery in the middle of January. Here’s a quote from the doctor that performed it:

“Browns QB Baker Mayfield underwent successful surgery today to repair a torn labrum in his left (non-throwing) shoulder. The surgery was performed by Dr. Orr Limpisvasti in Los Angeles and the likely time period for a full recovery is 4-6 months. We anticipate Baker beginning light throwing in April. He should be able to participate in the offseason program on a limited basis while a full recovery is expected by the start of training camp.” 

Of course, I am happy to hear that Mayfield’s surgery was a success. I actually need surgery on my left shoulder too in the near future. It likes to pop out more than Huey’s song Pop Lock & Drop it.

Certainly, I have no doubt that Baker is going to work his hardest to recover and prepare for the upcoming season. After all the drama it appears that the Browns are on board with him being the starting quarterback for the team despite a past season filled with interceptions and errors. There were other options that never panned out.

Now, I’m not a doctor, but here’s the thing with shoulders. It’s a never-ending deal and I feel like a lot of fans are forgetting this concept.

For sure, Baker could have a complete a full recovery to be ready for the 2022 season. He’s out there throwing perfect passes in training camp getting ready for the season with the Browns. That would be awesome.

One hit.

Ever heard of a sack?

Myself personally just thinking of taking a hit from a defensive end, landing on my shoulder and the tears start with the idea of the pain and injury likely sustained.

Why is everyone so set that Baker will be “all better” and “stay better” for the coming year(s)? In the first game, he could take a hit and re-injure that shoulder. It’s the unfortunate fact with an injury and surgery that severe.

If Baker were to get hurt again, what would the Browns do?

The people who adore Baker to no end love to point out that he was hurt while playing last season. That is true and was a big factor in some of his struggles. However, there was a ton of poor decision-making, bad reads and more unrelated to the shoulder.

The Browns are not only banking on a better Baker with his reads, but the team is expecting him to recover fully and then stay healthy in this game called FOOTBALL.

Of course, we hope for a successful recovery and for Baker Mayfield to stay healthy for this season and more. However, how likely is all of that to happen?

Think about it…


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