April 23, 2024

As positive as I like to be about the Cavs and as much faith as I have in LeBron, I have to admit that they just aren’t looking good right now. Every year since LeBron has been back, they have struggled at this time of the season and the media eats it up until they reach the playoffs and prove everyone wrong by making it to the finals. I am definitely not taking the media’s side and saying we won’t be there once again, but I do think there is something that needs to change. Dan Gilbert needs to stop thinking about our future and make a trade now, but not just any trade, a trade that will take us over the top.

I remember back to 2003 when the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted LeBron James straight out of high school. He was nicknamed the “Chosen One” and seemed ready to lead this franchise. Fast forward 15 years and LeBron is the best player in the world in his 15th season and is considered one of the Greatest of All Time. He has reached an unprecedented seven consecutive NBA Finals and won three of them. It is safe to say that there will never be another LeBron James in the NBA. There are constant talks now that he will be leaving the Cavs after this year and if that’s true, we have to go all in for the championship now.

Dan Gilbert, the current owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been stressing that he wants to hold onto the Brooklyn Nets 2018 first round draft pick that we received in the Kyrie Irving trade with the Boston Celtics to prepare for the future in case LeBron leaves. Well, like I said, there will never be another player like him, so why try and get someone to replace him in the draft?

Trade the pick away and get a great player in return to help take us to the finals again this year and win the whole thing. If LeBron leaves, we can be happy that we were able to get another one before he left and our window closed. With the trade, if players return, we should still have a good core of players that can take us to the playoffs. However, if he stays (which I think he will) then we have an even better team that can fight for another championship the year after. Having a better team around him through a trade may even convince him to stay rather than having a draft pick. Dan Gilbert may not want to own the team anymore, but don’t you want another ring before you leave, Dan?

At some point, whenever that is, LeBron will no longer be a Cleveland Cavalier. Let’s enjoy his greatness while we have him and win some championships while we’re at it. This city deserves more than one championship with him. There will never be another LeBron James.

It’s now or never Dan Gilbert.

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