It’s Not One Game – Not Even One Season

Everyone thought the Browns were going to win the first game against the Titans at First Energy Stadium last Sunday.

Everyone and their mother thought the Browns were going to kill the Titans after that first touchdown drive.

If you want a recap, read this awesome article by my colleague.

Today, I did a lot of searching. I was sad like the rest of the fan-base in the sense that 2004 is still our last win in an opener. As the day went on, I started to think more and more.

We just started a project.

Our head coach is new. Our quarterback is in his second year. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. just started his career as a Brown. So many players are getting acclimated to this team.

It was one game.

Yeah, it gave the national media a ton of fuel to say the Browns aren’t the real deal. Colin Cowherd probably had trouble containing himself. Those that downplayed the Browns are so giddy. Congratulations, they lost one game. You’re not Albert Einstein…

Since it was the first game as the “New Browns,” everything was magnified. However, it counts as one loss and only one loss. I didn’t know the division was won or lost in a single game?

There are still 15 games left in this season and the wait for even just the Monday Night affair against the Jets seems endless, I know. But what about the future?

Beyond this year…

Is everything really going to come together in one season? I mean, it could. This team has the talent to contend. Making the playoffs and then winning playoff games and a Super Bowl this season is a bold expectation.

I see this team having a winning season and likely making the playoffs this year. Then, next year competing for a Super Bowl. As well as the following few years after that, too.

Hopefully, one year this team can go all the way and win that coveted Super Bowl.

I’m not letting a fan spraying beer, a kick to the face and an expensive watch psych me out for the rest of the season.

I’ll read a good book to get me to Monday Night or finish House M.D. (I’m on Season 8).

Take a deep breath. We got this.

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