It’s Nice To Once Again See The Q Rockin’


Last night, my buddy and I went to the Cavs game. His family has season tickets, and the seats are in the second deck but right in line with half court. An absolutely beautiful view.

Now this is my longtime buddy, and we’ve been going to the games together for years. However, for the past four seasons these Cavs games have been more like going to a really lame party than an actual basketball game. Yeah, (not enough) people were there. Yeah, the music was blasting and of course Ahmaad Crump was still shouting over the PA system. But the team sucked. There was this vibe of “we’re expecting to lose so let’s just get this over with” throughout the entire arena. It just wasn’t the same.

This year, thankfully, is quite different. The return of LeBron James also came with a resurgence of Quicken Loans Arena and the Downtown Cleveland area in general.

Last night was awesome.

It started off with an incredible ceremony honoring the Ohio State Buckeyes National Championship win, featuring the beautiful words of quarterback Cardale Jones:

“I play for a couple things: my teammates, my family, the Ohio State university, but most importantly — Cleveland, Ohio

Anyways, the Cavaliers absolutely dominated the Bulls in every facet of the game for the entire night. (On national television too, might I add). The crowd was into the game for the entire 48 minutes, a full arena (never sold out in the past) of pumped up Cavs fans.

This year hasn’t been a walk in the park, but as everything starts to click we’re slowly seeing just how capable this team is of winning a championship. The city is more alive and electric than ever, and we see it at every home game now.

Come postseason time, it’s hard to even fathom just how electric this city and that arena will be. If you think about it, the only taste of the postseason Cleveland has had since LeBron left is the Indians making it to the AL Wild Card game, and the Gladiators making it to arena bowl (if you’re into that).

Led by LeBron James, these Cavaliers are heading in the right direction. Our arena is full, and our city is most definitely on the rise. It’s only a matter of time before we raise that championship banner, watching it hang over the rafters signifying the first Cleveland championship since ’48!

-Zach Shafron

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