It would be a very foolish move for the Browns to go back to Brian Hoyer as the team’s starting quarterback this Sunday in a matchup against the Indianapolis Colts at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland. After yet another abysmal performance by Hoyer in Buffalo, the Browns pulled him and went to backup Johnny Manziel. It was his first chance at extended play as an NFL quarterback.

Manziel was great, albeit against a soft Buffalo defense, because of their already big lead. On his first drive, he led the team 80 yards for a touchdown, flashing his famous money signs to the crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium after galloping the final 11 yards himself for the score. It was his first career NFL rushing touchdown.

While the Browns lost the game 26-10, Manziel was the spark that this team so desperately needed.

Of course, all of you Hoyer apologists have every excuse in the books to defend your boy Brian. I’m absolutely sick and tired of hearing them.

  • He’s the one who’s got us here.
  • He’s done enough to win us seven games.
  • It’s not always the quarterback’s fault.

In my estimation, the Browns would be in a similar position if Johnny Manziel had started at quarterback from the beginning of the season. Of course, if he were to overcome to growing pains of a young quarterback. That’s a big IF.

I say this because I do not believe that quarterback Brian Hoyer has won the Browns very many games. It’s been a stellar defense and amazing running game that have bailed the former Michigan State Spartan out of many bad performances. “Just” doing enough to win eventually catches up to you.

If Johnny Manziel came into the game and looked absolutely lost and out of sync with his receivers, then going back to Brian Hoyer come Sunday would make some sort of sense. However, Manziel looked fantastic in the limited amount of action he received. It truly seemed as if a bolt of lighting hit the Browns offense.

It would be an incredible and simply mind-boggling decision to go back to Hoyer and his mediocrity when Manziel ultimately showed what he’s made of when he finally got on the field. It was a great taste for the future.

Sadly (f0r some), the Brian Hoyer experiment should be over here in Cleveland.

The players, coaches and these desperate fans are hungry for a playoff birth. It’s weird, we’re 7-5 but does it feel like it? No, it really doesn’t. That’s because the Browns have been barely sliding by their opponents and that will eventually catch up to us. Buffalo was a great example of that.

As a die-hard Browns fan, I respect and admire everything Brian Hoyer has done for the team this year. However, at this point it’s definitely time to switch to Johnny Manziel. There’s only four more games left to see what the kid can do. We drafted him in the first round and it’s about time he played. Go Browns!

-Zach Shafron



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