Well as we conclude another heartbreaking episode of “How will the Browns let me down this week”, the Elephant in the Room is clearly Brian Hoyer.  Hoyer has been abysmal lately, and that continued on Sunday as Hoyer completed 14 of his 31 passes for 140 yards to go along with two picks.  The Browns defense came out ready to play today as they recovered two fumbles (one was returned for a touchdown), two interceptions (one was returned for a touchdown), and also sacked Andrew Luck three times.  The Browns defensive performance left many of the Browns defensive players feeling like they did more than enough to win the game.  An unnamed defensive player was quoted saying, “I’m not talking, I’ll say something bad.” Joe Thomas, “We didn’t hold up our end on offense.”  Mike Pettine on the loss, “kick in the gut.”  As you can clearly tell, there was a lot of disappointment and frustration among players and coaches.  The biggest question mark is still the quarterback position.

In his last four games, Brian Hoyer has completed 75 passes on 151 attempts for a whopping 49.6% completion percentage while throwing one touchdown compared to eight interceptions.  The Browns are 1-3 in those 4 games.  A team that just a few short weeks ago was hoisted atop the division, is in a slow freefall that won’t seem to end.  This has led to many people calling for Johnny Manziel, myself included.  Should we go with Johnny Manziel though?

Yes, you have to go with Johnny Manziel.  The trust for Hoyer is clearly eroding.  I love the whole Brian Hoyer story.  Hometown kid, starting for the hometown team, but all good things must come to an end.  The season is clearly slipping away, and we need to make a change.  In his one drive of the season, Johnny Manziel led the team 80 yards in which he completed 5 of 8 passes for 63 yards and two carries for 13 yards, capped off with a 10 yard touchdown run.  In that small dose that we have seen of Johnny Football, he did something that the Browns have struggled doing all season long –  PUTTING POINTS ON THE BOARD.  The Browns have a huge game this coming week against Cincinnati.  They need to win this game to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.  The legend of Brian Hoyer has come to an end, his likely last pass as a Cleveland Brown an interception. It’s time to hand the keys over to Johnny Football.

-Ian Tumey


Image courtesy of: fansided.com


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