Browns Training Camp starts next week and rookies and quarterbacks reported on Saturday, July 24. Training camp with fans in attendance, Boom. A lot of Browns fans countdown to the first Browns game. As a Browns fan who doesn’t live in the state of Ohio, I countdown to the start of training camp. There will be videos of the players showing up in Berea and I’ll be watching all of them. It’s finally here. Browns fans who live in Cleveland are so lucky. I live in Nashville, TN. so I get Tennessee Titans news on a continuous cycle. Did you know that the signing of WR Julio Jones was the final piece in the Titans’ big Super Bowl run this year? Unless he can play defense, I really can’t see it happening. Every morning while drinking my second cup of coffee, I check Browns Twitter for any news and yes I have to be on my second cup to check Browns Twitter. It can be a scary place sometimes.

This morning I was rewarded with images of the Browns’ new 75th anniversary uniforms and the signings of first-round pick CB Greg Newsome and third-round pick WR Anthony Schwartz. Jackpot. I left shortly after because I didn’t want to hear the uniform police hate on the stitching of the jerseys or the uniforms aren’t orange or the helmets aren’t white or…whatever. Once training camp starts, I’ll take in all the videos from all the Browns reporters, except Mary Kay. She blocked me for calling her a “clickbait queen” for a terrible article she wrote about either OBJ or Baker Mayfield, I really can’t remember, but my life has been much better since then. The videos are cell phone videos and are always from a distance, but I watch them anyway.

Like I said earlier I live in Nashville, TN, so going to Browns Training Camp every year isn’t an option. I’m very jealous of the fans who can go. I’ve only been once. The Browns used to have what they called “Browns Backers Weekend” for Browns Backers presidents and one of their club members. So my treasurer Nick and I headed up to Cleveland for the weekend. I couldn’t take my vice-president because if something happened to the both of us, the whole chain of command of the Middle Tennessee Browns Backers would fall apart and there would be chaos. It was 2007, the year the Browns finished 10-6 and missed the playoffs. The weekend started on Friday night with a get-together to pick up all of our tickets and credentials for the weekend. Browns Backers get-togethers always reminded me of Star Trek conventions for some reason, except with more alcohol. On Saturday, we headed to the stadium for drinks and food, a question and answer period with former Browns players and dawg pound seats for the pre-season game against the Broncos. The Browns won 17-16. Sunday was training camp with VIP access. It was up-close viewing. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen former DT Ted Washington trying to fit in a port-a-john. Who knew one of those things could handle a guy 6-5, 365 lbs. First time in my life I felt bad for a port-a-john.

As one can tell, I had a great time. Met quite a few players and reporters, got some autographs and enjoyed my weekend in Cleveland. To this day, the start of Browns training camp is special to me.

Thank goodness it’s finally here.

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